What Participants said about the Workshops:

"I love Liz's allowing, encouraging open generosity in how she holds the space. It has a very rich mixture of experiences using lots of mediums. I felt allowed to be myself and discover what I could create. I loved mixing the colours and doing stuff to the painting layer upon layer, being given the opportunity to let go of my attachment to what I'd done."

Fiona - Healer, Fire walk Facilitator, Yoga Teacher 


"I've had a fantastic time, it's been lovely to work without a definite purpose or context and learn more about my own natural style. You have been a delight to work with, there's been a lovely energy all weekend.

I had such a lovely time, well worth the money! And also thanks so much for the tea, fruit, shortbread and creativity!":-)

Sophie - Art Student


"Inspiration, help to break through blocks, an opportunity to see things from different perspectives. Surprises. Difficult but ultimately satisfying. New ideas for exploration. Is but a snap shot of what was on offer during this weekend."

Duncan - Accountant, Dancer, Artist

"Fantastic! So well structured and organised that it led me to a much greater freedom of expression than I have ever before experienced. Thankyou Liz"


"Very healing for me after a long time being blocked!! Full of great exercises and techniques - great value for money. You put a lot into this weekend Liz and it's very appreciated. I'm full of inspiration now!!!


"This was so much fun! I learned so many techniques but mostly I learned to - Just Do It. This feels like the beginning of something exciting."


"Great weekend - has kickstarted my enthusiasm again!"


"Have really enjoyed this course. Have learned a lot and had the chance to try out different techniques I'd really like to keep using. Encouraging and patient tutor."


"...2 days - I got a lot out of it - more than you can imagine actually - a bit like I've found something very important that I sort of knew I wasn't exploring - because I know how to - a love of colour. It sounds small, trivial but it isn't - it's big - I think I will play with paint for ever now - thank you - it was a big gift."

Barbara - Photographer, Dancer, Poet

"Excellent - Lots to take in. Really valuable Thank you. Excellent value."




"Great weekend, I really enjoyed it. A wonderful space to experiment and learn. I loved it! More please."


"Wonderful weekend Liz - really enjoyed the experience with new techniques and ideas. Hopefully will kickstart me into painting again. Thank you Liz"


"Great learning curve - relaxed, informative, great fun, learned a lot in 2 days - learned how to be open to play!"


"I really appreciated your non-judgemental, supportive presence - It allowed me to let my inhibitions arise and dissolve away, often in laughter - so that I could just get on with expressing what was within me on paper and canvas. I enjoyed learning how to give breath to the ways I could engage my creativity so I ended up with images which surprised and delighted me."